Previous Shows

14.05.17 Ottawa, House Of Targ with Absolut, Black Bear Mute, Walk The Plank

14.05.31 Montreal, La Vitrola with Asile, Malokio, Septimo Continente, Proxy

14.06.12 Ottawa, Club Saw with Cauldron, Black Tower, Vacation, TV Freaks

14.07.24 Montreal, Place Pasteur with Proxy, Whiskey Shits, Oppression, Shit Tax, Head Case, Manipulated Outcome

14.07.26 Toronto, Izakaya with Volume Knobs, Alcohol Fueled, IDNS, Katatonix, City Death

14.08.02 Ottawa, House of Targ with Alcohol Fueled

14.08.03 Montreal, Casa Del Popolo with Rikk Agnew, Anasazi, Aube, Dethfox, No Negative


14.08.14 Albany, Low Beat with Scuzz, Bourbon Scum, Male Patterns

14.08.15 Boston, Bat house with St. Ripper, 4-sids, Zipperhead

14.08.16 Brooklyn, Acheron with Process, Vermin, Symptom, Heathen

14.08.17 Philadelphia, Vox Populi with Tercer Mundo, Muerte, Globsters, Sete Star Sept, Lotus Fucker, The Stasi, Bad Energy, The Holidays

14.08.18 Baltimore, Sidebar with Thee Lexington Arrows, Friendbeast, Kontrasekt

14.08.19 Atlanta, 529 with Vacant Future, Dernier Combat

14.08.20 Orlando, The Peacock Room with The Tuff Looks, Wet Nurse, Autarx

14.08.21 Gainesville, Motor Room with Phantom Pisser

14.08.22 Richmond, Wonderland with Lock Robster & The Unidahmer, Olde Shame, Bitch Mouth

14.08.23 Pittsburgh, The Shop with Thee nodes, Rotten UK, Mud City Manglers, Eel (skull fest 6)

14.08.23 Pittsburgh, Rock Room with Arctic Flowers, New Regrets (skull fest after show)

14.08.24 Rochester, Genesee Valley Park with Rotten UK, Neutron Rats, Nokturnal Hellstorm, Narcs, Sperm, Tapehead, Street Rats, One Way Terror, Aristocunts, Governess, Mettanoia, Panty Raid, Televisionaries, Blobs, Controlled By Fear, May Day

14.09.24 Ottawa, House Of Targ with Angry Samoans, Skullians, Bloodnail

14.09.26 Gatineau, Cruise Boat with Metalian, Thee Nodes, Shackles

14.12.05 Toronto, Bovine Sex Club with Call Of The Wild, Olde, Nagasaki

14.12.12 Ottawa, Funeral Home with Chloroform, Alcohol Fueled, Upheaval Of Outcasts

14.12.14 Montreal, Playhouse with Dekoder, The Bombs, Vibe Wrecker

Southeast Asia/Oceania Tour 2015

15.02.07 Penang, Malaysia, Soundmaker with PXKXG, Distaste, Weotskam, Unaduterated Parasites, Huisididai, Svatantrata

15.02.08 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Rumia Api with Atomic Death, Terssalahh, Benzoate

15.02.10 Batu Pahat, Malaysia, The Wall with Black Demons, Media Skeptic, TXT

15.02.11 Singapore, Pink Noize with Daily Ritual, Blinded Humanity

15.02.13 Sidoarjo, Indonesia, Skate Park with Total Jerks, Jack 

Sparrow, Wolf Feet, The Sinner, Break Us Down, Kenko Opo, Relics, Full Strike, Stab In The Back, Children School, Beat Lightning, Give Me A Chance, Hansip Toke, Under Attack, Short Time, Delta Force, The Shantoso

15.02.14 Gresik, Indonesia, Tanya Teman with Biang Lala, Salah Sasakan, Rebel Voice, Naked 87, Salah Paham.iwriot, Bajingan

15.02.15 Kediri, Indonesia, Kafe N Studio 35 with MG.S.N., Tsabat, Seized

15.02.16 Solo, Indonesia, Rock Studio Manahan with House Of Liars, Eerie, Missile Terror

15.02.17 Klaten, Indonesia, Studio with ????

15.02.19 Bandung, Indonesia, University Of Bandung with Krass Kepala, Kontrasocial, Blind Justice, Zrambah, Sosial Ilegal, Error Brain

15.02.20 Jakarta, Indonesia, Maitrin Cafe with Lock Off, Bad +, Sops, West Combat, Cambodia, Oversuck, The Innocent, Paralerpe, Asficious, Mendadak Punk Rock, The Transition

15.02.23 Brisbane, Australia, Bearded Lady with Unpeople, Ripped Off

15.02.24 Sydney, Blackwire with Grey Places, Gunzel

15.02.25 Newcastle, Croatian Club with Obat Batuk, Rort Menace, Nailhouse, Dog

15.02.26 Melbourne, Old Bar with Havittajat, Scab Eater, Soma Coma

15.02.27 Adelaide, World's End with Trash, Fresh Kills, Faith Eater, Shadowolf

15.02.28 Melbourne, Black Goat with Kromosom, Power, Masses, RIP Fucker

15.03.01 Aukland, Whammy Bar with Trash City Victims, Graves, Wizzkids

15.03.02 Wellington, Valhalla with Vas Deferens, Bone Cruncher

15.04.10 Toronto, Shitbgb's with Marvelous Mark, S.H.I.T., Hassler, Absolut (Vassil Mester Memorial Show)

15.05.05 Albany, Low Beat with Scuzz, New Red Scare

15.05.06 Worcester, Hotel Vernon with Who Killed Spiky Jjacket? St. Ripper, Truth Decay

15.05.07 Philadelphia, Kung Fu Necktie with FTS, Legion 76, Anti Suburbians

15.05.08 Baltimore, Barclay House with Thee lexington arrows, I'm an Intestine, Humanmania

15.05.09 Norfolk, Plaza Del Sol with Shadow Age, Lou Breeders, Amara

15.05.10 Raleigh, Nice Price Books with Davidians, Bakteerit

15.05.12 Orlando, Uncle Lou's with Autarx, Coma club, Nuka Waves

15.05.13 Gainesville, A-Space with Suckle, Skull Katalog, Exit Dust

15.05.14 Atlanta, The 529 with Bathrooms, Omotai, Waste Layer

15.05.15 Nashville, Betty's Grill with Switchblade, Waxed, Sex Hotel

15.05.16 Birmingham, Mono with Slugga, Mood killer

15.05.17 Pensacola, Sluggo's with Rezolve, Cookies N Cake, Company Of Ghosts

15.05.18 New Orleans, Spitfire with Mea Culpa, Short Leash

15.05.19 Houston, Black Barbie with Licker

15.05.20 San Antonio, Ritual Art Gallery with Ronia, Sudden Attack, Unte

15.05.21 Austin, Bull Mccabe's with Equinox

15.05.22 Dallas, 3-links with Equinox, Teenage Kamikaze, Chloroformed to Death, Hanging, Casual Relapse

15.05.23 Tulsa, Holy Mountain Records with The Riot Waves, Lizard Police

15.05.23 Tulsa, Sound Pony with Merlin Mason, Who & The Fucks, Swap Meat

15.05.26 Tucson, Gary's Place with Besmirchers, Downstroke

15.05.27 Tempe, Time Out Lounge With Abiotx, Skull Drug, Black Thoughts

15.05.28 Tijuana, Mexico, Mods with The Spent Idols, Los Inclahn

15.05.29 San Diego, Tower Bar with Diatribe, Crime Desire, Dinosaur Ghost

15.05.30 Long Beach, Blacklight District Lounge with Withdrawl Symptoms, Social Conflict, Rotten Scoundrels, Rodents of Unusual Size

15.05.31 Baldwin Park, American Legion with Revolt, Bad Ass, Barbie And The Hookers, Day Drunk, Beer Wolf, BP Disasters

15.05.31 Los Angeles, East 7th with Revolt, Pogoise, Dead Squad, City Fuckers

15.06.01 Las Vegas, East Side Joe's with Brutal Resistance, Beer Pressure, Pelos Parados, The Wreckless

15.06.02 Salt Lake City, Music Garage with Bloodrush, All Systems Fail, Repeat Offender

15.06.04 Kansas City, East Wing with Brain Dead, M.A.D., Lazy

15.06.05 Omaha, Lookout with Bombs Blast, Cordial Spew, Buggy Lewis, The Rabbit Grenades

15.06.06 Minneapolis, Riverboat House with Zero, Verminoze, Ataxxia

15.06.07 Madison, Wisco with Emerald Douglas, Relentless, Alleyway, Tubal Cain

15.06.08 Milwaukee, Frank's Powerplant with Burning Sons, Indonesian Junk, Shock Collar

15.06.09 Chicago, 2040 with Sin Orden, Mystery Actions, Veil Vitric

15.06.10 Cincinnati, Last House On The Left with Coelacanth, GNAT, Everyday Objects

15.06.11 Pittsburgh, Rock Room with Laika's Orbit, The Sicks, Connoisseur, Population Zero, Fuck Bois

15.06.12 Cleveland, Now That's Class with Rotten UK, Beerokrats, Deche

15.06.13 Buffalo, Bird House with Rotten UK

15.06.18 Ottawa, House Of Targ with Cross dog, Goat Horn, Flying Fortress

15.08.20 Syracuse, The Warehouse w/ Concrete Elite, Assault & Battery, Street rats

15.08.23 Pittsburgh, Spirit w/ Spectres, Fuckbois

15.11.27 philadelphia, voltage lounge w/ Defiance, Ravagers, Who Killed Spikey Jacket?, FTS, Combat Crisis, Dive in the Box, Rotten UK, Posers, Revolt, Up Up Ups, Parasitix

15.11.28 Baltimore, Asian Taste w/ Bidet, Blood Rust

15.15.04 Ottawa, Club saw

15.12.11 Sherbrooke, Murdoch w/ Sofa King 94

15.12.12 quebec city, scanner w/ Fuel Speed Fire

16.02.04 santos, Estudio Warzone w/ Jerseys, Minato No Nezumi

16.02.05 Barra Mansa, Street Festival w/ Mente Doentia, Slave Machine, About Caos, Kusujo

16.02.06 Rio Di Janeiro, Estudio Hanoi w/ Angustia, Total Silence

16.02.07 São Paulo, Zapata w/ Armagedom, Lobotomia, Urutu, Veneno Lento

16.02.08 São Paulo, Associação Santa Cecília w/ Cadaver Em Transe

16.02.09 Cambui, CPB w/ Mons13, Cova Kaza, Churumi, Tumbero

16.02.11 São José Dos Campos, Rock In Bro w/ Lobotoma, Amnesia Coletiva

16.02.12 Mogi Mirim, Bar Do Juca w/ Fear Of The Future, Kob 82

16.02.13 Gama, Semente Cia De Teatro w/ Besthoven, Massacre Divine, Os Maltrapilhos, Dogbite

16.02.14 Goiania, Complexo Produções Musicais w/ Death From Above, Bang Bang Babies, Geraconnes Perdidas

16.02.27 Ottawa, Flapjack's w/ Muff Huffers, Falling Against Monday, Lindbergh Babies, Muelkik

16.03.11 Albany, Fuse box w/ Captile, Executors, Scuzz, Male Patterns

16.03.12 Ithaca, Chanti-Loft w/ King Sized Pegasus, Mill Bastards, Rotten UK

16.03.25 Portland, Geno's w/ Chalice, Hessian, RIP, Worshipper

16.03.26 Montpelier, Charlie-O's w/ Chalice, Hessian

16.04.16 Detroit, Precinct w/ Shitfucker, Ishtar, Clay Rendering, Sekkusu

16.04.30 Berlin, Kopi w/ Anti-Corpos, Totenwald, Pochwaline, The Smudjas, Levitations, Lady Lazy 

16.05.01 Copenhagen, Ungdomshuset w/ Night Viper, Dark Matter

16.05.04 Hannover, Stumpf w/ Fox Devils Wild, Totenwald

16.05.05 Groningen, Bambara w/ Maggot Shoes, Congreed

16.05.06 Amsterdam, Occii w/ Bug Central, Mindframe, The End Of Ernie

16.05.07 gent, den bristol w/ daikiri, gura

16.05.08 mulheim an der ruhr, az w/ the aftermath

16.05.10 paris, la comedia w/ lush rush, iron lizards

16.05.12 lyon, trokson w/ cascarrabias

16.05.13 barcelona, la jungla w/ nadie, pesadilla

16.05.14 palma, saborage w/ desenterradas, guerra, pantalla

16.05.15 marseille, la machine a coudre w/ apache, dirty floi

16.05.19 bologna, xm24 w/ call the cops

16.05.20 mortegliano, festintenda w/ ulanbator, marnero, dromme

16.05.21 brno, eleven club w/ crude ss, boy, just war, godot youth

16.05.22 vienna, arena beisl w/ titan killer

16.05.23 podebrady, boss bar w/ viny komplex, crushers

16.05.25 dresden, heartbreak w/ no waves, ex-the beatles

16.05.26 hermsdorf, jugendhaus w/ hard action, smart dogs

16.05.27 leipzig, zorro w/ disnea boys

16.05.28 berlin, cassioppeira w/ bulldozer,indian nightmare,dungeon,vorum,amulet,chapel of disease,degial

16.05.29 malmo, harem w/ planet y

16.05.31 gothenburg, truckstop alaska w/ morkt moln

16.06.01 stockholm, cyclopen w/ martin savage system, gestures

16.06.02 oslo, blitz w/ remote, domt

16.06.01 alvesta, tryolen w/ even sisters, aggravator, lecherous gaze, trysondog, flight, vardis, taiwaz, rock goddess, antichrist, satan, wytch hazel

---------89 shows with cody drumming---------

16.09.02 tokyo, pit bar w/ malice panic, system fucker, erections, tom and bootboys

16.09.03 nagoya, red dragon w/ malice panic, system fucker, kim, dieaude, no name soldiers, five no risk

16.09.04 osaka, hokage w/malice panic, zyanose, avvikelsse, zetu, x-video

16.09.05 tokyo, earthdom w/ hat trickers, death horn, fuckin'junkies, questions and answers

--------------4 shows with Eiji on drums----------

16.11.25 philladelphia, voltahe w/wksj?, special duties, rotten uk, funeral dress

16.11.26 syracuse, the warehouse w/wksj?, virus, funeral dress - (Secret Set)

17.03.24 boston, democracy center w/ d-sagawa, disjawn, lunglust, rejiem

17.03.25 providence, funky jungle w/attic ted, brain4ever, adult, canadian waves

17.03.26 portland, geno's w/ d-sagawa, the worst

17.04.14 albany, low beat w/ captile, new life

17.04.15 syracuse, the warehouse w/ m.d.s., dirty work, pogo tslutz

17.04.16 montpelier, charlie o's w/ gorcrow

--------------8 shows with Mark on drums-----------

17.05.20 arnprior, john st. pub w/ real mackenzies, raygun cowboys

--------------1 show with cody drumming------------

17.05.21 quebec city, chaos club w/ dirty work, cold shakes, the hacked

--------------1 show with three guest drummers and drum machine----------

17.06.09 stockholm, cyclopen w/ helvetets port, lubricant, imperial leather, violent party, fuzz glue buzz, avbestia

17.06.10 orebro, rock bar w/ helvetets port

17.06.12 gothenburg, the abyss w/ helvetets port

17.06.13 oslo, blitz w/ helvetets port, lubricant, loss, cuntroaches

17.06.14 hamburg, monkeys music club w/ knup

17.06.15 bremen, querlenker w/ niveau flucht, spiker

17.06.16 essen, don't panic w/ jenny woo's holy flame, shredders

17.06.17 bonn, kult 41 w/ don't

17.06.18 darmstadt, oetinger villa

17.06.20 sonderhausen, haus der jugend w/ pleasant nightmare

17.06.21 leipzig, dividing lines, kick it

17.06.22 neubrandenburg, azj w/ Miztake, Schnurrbartkumpels, Kuoleman Teatteri, BrutaleGruppe5000, Pommes oder Pizza, Circus Rhapsody, Le Monde Est En Flammes, Muffenklaus und seine Kumpels, Woiczech, Hans am Felsen, Angstbreaker, Totalverdummung, Habgier, Betrunken im Klappstuhl, Schmutzstaffel, Street Eaters, Exilent, Irgendwie Seltsam, Fuck0€, Die UiUiUis, HC Baxxter, Jasper 

17.06.23 berlin, cortina bob w/ totenwald

17.06.24 istanbul, karg art w/ ugly shadows, secondhand underpants

17.08.25 albany, pauly's hotel w/ cinderblock, rotten uk, captile, executors, neutron rats, mystery girl, new life, male patterns, prison